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Tyre Racking Systems Supplier in Dubai, UAE

The safest, most economical, and most effective way to store tyres is using a tyre racking system. It makes the most of the available floor space and provides a tidy answer to all of your tyre storage needs. These shelf-life structures are designed to make it easy to access and show different tyre sizes without having to relocate many other items, as well as to stop them from shifting or rolling off the shelves. The systems can be offered in a variety of heights and lengths to meet your needs and are completely adaptable. To make the most of the available space, the tyre rack system can also be used in a multi-tiered arrangement. The best supplier of tyre racking systems in the UAE is Zyco.


  • Avoid damaging your tyres.
  • Fast access of Tyres.
  • Increase the storage space.


  • Not suitable for bigger tyres
  • Only tyres could be stored

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