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Supermarket Shelving Services in Dubai, UAE

These shelves also called Gondola shelving, are a popular modern shop display shelving that offers retail outlets an opportunity to maximize retail space. It is a free-standing double-sided unit that doesn’t need to be fixed to walls and has been designed with customer convenience in mind. Gondola shelving is a great option for merchants with a lot of products to exhibit but don't want to invest in pricey permanent retail shelving systems. It is used to improve shop display features in a variety of stores, from supermarkets to pharmacists. The greatest supermarket shelving services in the UAE are offered by Zyco. Stores can choose displays besides the typical retail shop shelves since the units have dividing walls with slat walls or pegboards. Accessories that can be used on gondola units include:

  • Hooks or hanging pegs to display bags and accessories.
  • Wire baskets for magazine display.
  • shelf dividers to split up shelf displays.
  • LED lights to illuminate displays

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