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Multi-Tier Racking & shelving System Supplier in Dubai, UAE

Pallet racking that is adjustable is used to produce multi-tier racking systems or multi-tier shelving systems. For order pickup, additional storage levels can be built into the rack and connected by walkways. This makes the most of the headroom that is available and is perfect for holding a range of packed goods so that they may be hand-picked. It is the ideal solution & very cost-effective way of utilizing of warehouse's height and space, which allows a business to expand considerably within its existing premises. When we take some of the best multi-tier racking and shelving system suppliers in UAE, Zyco always stays at the top. Limited floor space can be perfectly solved by this storage arrangement. In this situation, the places that would often be useless are utilized specifically, increasing the storage capacity.


  • Extremely efficient storage solution.
  • Appropriate utilization of the available space


  • Required specialist for better design.
  • Additionally, Staircase & Safety rail & sliding chute

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