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Galvanized Pallet Racking System in Dubai, UAE

Heavy Duty Galvanized corrosion-resistant racking units are used for potentially high humidity environments, like coolers and freezers, and outdoor areas. By using a pre-gal upright frame system and fully hot-dipped galvanized beams, this system makes sure that your purchase is an investment that is worthwhile. When placed in harsh environments or exposed to the weather, improper storage methods might decay and collapse. Being one of the racking and shelving companies, Zyco provides galvanized pallet racking system in UAE which helps you reduce the possibility of damage. The dip galvanized coating is great resistance to corrosion composed of high-strength steel. This modular shelving system can be expanded to many levels & sizes using basically the same components. Heavy-duty galvanized racking is perfect for use in cold stores or damp environments.


  • Long-lasting.
  • Great for food storage.


  • No better look.

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