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Drive-in Pallet Racking System Suppliers in Dubai, UAE

Zyco stands out as one of the premier drive-in pallet racking system suppliers in Dubai, UAE, offering innovative storage solutions and understanding the importance of optimizing storage space. Drive-in-pallet racking, a smart alternative to conventional systems, eliminates picking aisles, increasing storage efficiency. Fragile or unstable goods find a safe home here, stacked securely. Pallets are strategically placed on racks, sans aisles, maximizing space utility.
This cost-effective system utilizes Last In First Out (LIFO) inventory management and allows forklifts to access racks from a single entry point. Zyco empowers you to drive your forklifts inside the racks, streamlining pallet storage and retrieval. For businesses seeking efficient and space-conscious storage solutions, Zyco leads the pack among drive-in pallet racking system suppliers in Dubai, UAE and prominent racking and shelving companies in Dubai, UAE.


  • High storage density for certain product mixes.
  • Very efficient storage ability to store pallets back-to-back without an aisle.


  • Inflexible, does not allow for SKU increase.
  • Requires standardized pallets.
  • Risk of rack damage by fork trucks.
  • Buying and maintaining the product is expensive.

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